Coaching Basketball And The Benefits

Basketball coaching is the act of strategizing and directing the behavior of individual basketball players or a basketball team. It typically includes the improvement of individual, defensive and offensive skills as well as the overall physical conditioning of a player or team.

Coaching is performed by a single person but the coach can have one or two assistants to help him/her. Coaching basketball is very important especially when it comes to building a strong and efficient winning team. Basketball teams that fail to utilize basketball coaching actually miss out on all the excellent benefits it provides to the players.

There are a lot of reasons why a basketball coach is beneficial to a team. Some of the reasons include:

  • It improves individual defensive skills.
  • Improves teams defensive skills and understanding.
  • Improves offensive skills including shooting, dribbling and passing.
  • Improves offensive and defensive rebounding ability.
  • Improves team conditioning.
  • Motivates and encourages players to perform at their best.

To be an effective and efficient basketball coach, the first thing you need to do is to establish your priorities and philosophy because it allows you to apply effective coaching techniques. The most effective way to get the results that you want as a coach is emphasize on the right things. If you consistently emphasize and talk about rebounding, passing the ball and playing the right way, your players will definitely pick up on those things.

There is nothing more satisfying as a basketball coach than to see your players getting better. When hard work comes to fruition, it is an absolutely joy to see because you know that you played a major role in your players development of skills and fundamentals. The main aim of basketball coaching is to see players becoming better each day.

In conclusion, if you want to get the most from each of your players, win more games and building a winning program, then coaching should not be overlooked. Coaching will consistently reap large rewards for your team. Just imagine being able to affect the lives of others while at the same time seeing your hard work rewarded on the basketball court.

Fun Dribbling Drills

Basketball is a game that requires speed and skill. Basketball is undoubtedly the fastest team game being played in the modern era. It is always fascinating to watch Miami Heat’s LeBron James dribbling his way through for that massive dunk or the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant piercing his way through the defense with his outstanding dribbling skills.

The game of Basketball is all about how good you are with the ball. To be good at the game you got to have excellent dribbling skills. Basketball dribbling skills makes you agile and quick on your feet. This adrenaline filled game builds up the stamina like no other does and is a complete workout for the entire body. Here, a number of basketball dribbling drills you can use to become a better dribbler.

Dribble Blindfolded

That’s right, put a blindfold on your eyes while power dribbling. This would improve your control over the ball. So next time when you play in a game, you can dribble your way through the court without looking at the ball. Another thing to keep in mind is to hold the ball and move it with the fingers and not with the palm. Instead of the blindfold you can also just close your eyes but no peeking.

Power Dribble Double Ball

basketball dribbling drillsIt’s a very easy technique. You just have to power dribble two balls simultaneously. This helps to build up the muscle strength of your arms required to dribble and also increases your stamina of play.

Another great advantage linked with it is the fact that you can’t look at both the balls and thus, it would improve your power dribble. So play this game of Basketball for a few months and get ready to flaunt those toned muscles of yours.

Dribble through Cone

Set up a series of cones or some other kind of obstruction and dribble the ball through them.
This would be of great help to improve your hand-eye coordination. This skill also improves your agility and make you quick on the feet.

Dribble and Sprint

A very important skill, it helps to move the ball forward- quick and effectively. Try to make quick sprints while dribbling with the ball. Sprint-stop-sprint, practice this technique a number of times to master this skill. A great workout for the calf muscles, this skill increases your speed of play too.

Dribble in the Dirt

This skill needs you to move out of basketball court to a hard ground. A basketball court eases your movement but when you move to a hard ground you need to apply a greater amount of force.  This skill improves your ball handling. Also it helps to improve the overall strength of the muscles.

If you are looking for more great dribbling drills, I recommend The Basketball Distribution.  Basketball is a fun filled, high adrenaline and an exciting game. A complete workout for the entire body, there are number of benefits associated with this game. So just go out and enjoy the game of Basketball.

The Best Basketball Drills For Your Team

Basketball drills are necessary for any developing team. There are plenty of drills that teams have to choose from for practices. In this article, I  will go over a few drills to help take your team to the next level.

2 on 2

The 2 on 2 drill is used to help work on players’ hustle, aggressiveness, competitiveness, and speed. In this drill two players start in each corner of the court. Now, the first player on one side are a team. The two behind them are a team. And same on the opposite side of the court. The coach will yell “GO!” and then throw the ball to the ground. The first four players will sprint and hustle after the basketball. The team that receives the ball immediately become offense and the other two become defense. They will play 2 on 2 basketball until a team scores.

The team which scores first will go to the corner. They go to the corner on the side where they make the basket and the losing team will sprint to the other side of the court and get back in line. Then the following four players continue the drill. You can also vary this by playing 3 on 3 or 1 on 1.

Shooting drills are also necessary for any basketball team to help develop accuracy from all parts of the court.  Basketball Shooting drills help work on the aspects of shooting like footwork, game situation shots, and other skills.  Here is a great article from wikipedia on moves you can moves you can make to get into your shot.

Catch & Shoot


The Catch & Shoot drill goes as follows. Player 1 will make a chest pass going to player 2. Player 1 will follow the pass and then close out on player 2. Player 1 will not try to block the shot. Player 2 will take the shot without dribbling first, and follow it for the rebound. Player 2 will pass it back to player 1 and will close out on player 1 who now becomes the shooter. After both players shoot from their current position they can perform the drill from different positions on the court.




Here is a great catch and shoot you tube video

I hope this article has given you some ideas for your team.  For more helpful information I recommend Hoops Hustle for your basketball drills needs.